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Dina Wein Reis
Dina Wein Reis - Owner and Editor-in-chief ReisMag.com

Dina Reis is Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Reis Magazine, Inc., a lifestyle web based magazine and e-commerce site.

With more than 25 years of experience in fashion design, art collecting, world travel, furniture design, architectural restoration and leadership in business, Wina Wein Reis is proud to launch a lifestyle magazine that will feature fashion, decorative arts, world travel, profile interviews, inspirational stories and the latest in art, theatre, music and film. The magazine will connect to an e-commerce site which will offer unique products for sale in food, jewelry, design, furniture and apparel from the best artisans around the globe to tempt even the most worldly of connoisseurs.

Dina Reis believes the choice of aesthetics in one’s environment is multi-faceted and holds deep meaning for the owner’s stability and peace of mind. Not only do the choices support the art of self-expression but they will live on as a timeless template for future generations.  Dina Reis hopes to inspire and guide the reader to find their own creative expression. In so doing, they will have access to an array of unique offerings.

Dina Reis has had a passion for journalism since she was a child. In 1985, she began her journey, working for the Jerusalem Post in Israel and was selected to cover the Maccabiah Games (Jewish Olympics). The experience inspired Reis to travel and she was exposed to historic architecture, fashion, museums and the artists who participate in these fields.  Reis began to collect art in earnest and develop relationships with young artists in 1987. She collected decorative arts, textiles, historically important jewelry, couture clothes (which she co-designed) and eventually she procured an extensive collection of fine art. Her career included working with the Egyptian government to redesign 156 Omar Effendi stores and successfully increase their retail numbers.
Reis has been successful in buying excess inventory from manufacturers, for purposes of sampling, re-selling and redistribution. Reis Holdings invests in realestate and has special expertise and a niche in historical renovation projects.

Driven by her passion for the arts and business, Dina Reis continues to travel across the globe to attend furniture design shows, art and film openings, and fashion design shows, where she patrons, nurtures and funds new designers with the goal to successfully bring them to point of sale.

Dina Reis was partner and director of sales and marketing for Soupman retail in 2010. She opened and reinforced business relationships in up to 6000 new doors for the brand in just 6 months, facilitating a public offering for the brand. Reis’s interest in architecture led to projects to restore landmark buildings. She restored a Victorian home originally owned by Scott Macaye, president of New York Railroad, a Georgian Renaissance home designed by architect, Charles Gilbert, commissioned by Charles Vale and she is currently restoring an 800-year old residence and commercial building in Old Jaffe, Israel, which was acquired from the Catholic Church.

Dina Reis produced the film, Carpati with Yale Strom and the broadway show, On the Waterfront, with Victoria Maxwell and was an investing partner with Biegal-Mailer Films for, The Money Shot.

Dina Reis has worked with the design staff of Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Carmen Mark Valvo, Giambatista Valli, and Zac Posen, to create modest original designs in couture for her personal haute couture collection. Reis is currently designing couture Atelier in Paris and New York, which are her own designs for her label “beautifulgirls “.
Dina Reis hopes that through her own difficult trials,tribulations, and personal life journey, she can be of service to others and embody the lesson that has meant so much to her overtime and all through her life; we all fall, but we can learn from those falls, be better for them, stronger and more compassionate because of them.

Dina Reis’s mantra and one she wishes to impart to her readers through inspirational stories is “be brave, walk into the eye of the storm, face what lies within, understand and transform.”

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