In the Berkshires: Chesterwood

In the Berkshires: Chesterwood

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Daniel Chester French was a giant in the sculptural art form in the United States. A visit to his studio and home in Stockbridge is worthwhile for any student of American art and History.

Chesterwood is a stone’s throw from the Rockwell Museum and well worth the time. If you don’t know the works by French, in fact you do. We know you do. He is the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. The creation of this work is well documented in the artist’s studio at Chesterwood.

Visitors to New York City most likely have seen his statues of the Four Continent’s which are in front of the Customs’ House in Lower Manhattan (now the National Museum of the American Indian–New York, part of The Smithsonian).

On exhibit in the Barn Gallery at Chesterwood is a showcase of important works that evoke the breadth and scope of French’s career, as well as dramatize the scale and proportion of these four core monuments:

Also on view is French’s home, which was designed by Henry Bacon, a collaborator of French’s. (Bacon designed many of the bases for French’s sculptures.) We were blessed with a wonderful docent who recreated for us in stories what life must have been like for the artist and his family.In fact, the entire staff at Chesterwoodis welcoming. It’s a great place and should be included in your visit to Stockbridge when you are there for the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Chesterwood Museum

3 Williamsville Rd, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Telephone: 413.298.3579
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