Libby Skala: Bringing Wonder(ful) Women Back to Life

Libby Skala: Bringing Wonder(ful) Women Back to Life

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There isn’t a day when Libby Skala doesn’t think about her grandmother Academy-Award nominated actress Lilia Skala (Lilies of the Field). In fact, Skala has a one woman show that tells her beloved grandmother’s story.

Skala travels the world bringing the stories of four heroic women to life – Her grandmother Lilia in Lilia!, great aunt Elizabeth Polk in A Time to Dance,Felicitas Sofer in Felicitas a baby nurse who escaped the Third Reich and landed in America to care for America children and her latest Irena Sendler: Rescuing the Rescuer which tells the story of a Polish Catholic social worker Sendler who defied the Nazis to save 2,500 Jewish children during World War II.

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“Funny. Captivating. Charming. Libby Skala is marvelous in a part that clearly means the world to her.”
The New York Times

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